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Become an Egg Donor


Whats involved?


For Recipients

Do I qualify?

A pre-qualifying application can be filled out by clicking on the button below. Basic requirements include the following:

  • Between the age of 21-32 and in good health
  • Non-smoker
  • Within normal weight range, BMI of 21-28
  • Dependable and Reliable

If you feel like you meet those requirements

So Whats Involved?

Once your application has been approved, you will be asked to come into the office for a consultation. At this time we will obtain urine and blood samples from you for testing, perform a head to toe physical assessment, and perform a transvaginal ultrasound to measure the ovaries. You will meet with a member of our donor team to review the process of egg donation and to answer any questions you may have.
Other steps in the process include:

  • Psychosocial Evaluation
  • FDA Questionnaire

Once we receive all of your test results, and you have met the requirements to donate, you will be placed in our active donor pool. This allows for potential recipients to view your profile and pick their donor. If you are chosen to donate, you will be notified and scheduling your cycle will occur.

Who Needs Donor Eggs?

Egg donation is an effective treatment for couples facing infertility, and offers the highest success rates for pregnancy of all treatment options. Women may need donor egg for several reasons:

  • Women who were born with abnormal ovaries and produce no eggs. Many of these patients have a normal uterus and can become pregnant with donor eggs fertilized in vitro.
  • Women who stop producing eggs earlier than normal, a condition known as premature ovarian failure. The cause is usually unknown. In some women, premature ovarian failure is caused by autoimmune disease, surgery or exposure to radiation or chemotherapy. If a woman’s uterus is normal, she can conceive with donor eggs.
  • Women who carry a genetic abnormality in their chromosomes and want to avoid passing it to their children.

Does this cost me anything?

The recipient pays for the cost of donor screening, fertility drugs, monitoring costs, retrieval and all laboratory procedures. They are also responsible for your compensation of $4500 for your time and effort once the cycle is completed.

Am I legally responsible for anything?

Each recipient signs a consent form for use of donor eggs. Under State legislation, the social parents registering the birth of a child resulting from a donated oocyte are considered to be the legal parents of the child. The egg donor has no legal rights or responsibilities towards the child.

For Recipients – A Precious Gift

Egg donors should be motivated by the sincere desire to help infertile women become pregnant. The gift of life is something that no one can assess in terms of material measures. We appreciate the inerest that our Egg Donor Program has generated and are greatful for anyone who desires to help infertile couples.